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Ukulele Club

with Mike Loce

Second/Fourth Mondays of the month, 7:30 - 9:30 pm

cover $5 ($8 with BYOB)

Mike LoceThe idea of the Ukulele Club is to create and foster a comfortable environment for exploring the sound this excellent instrument can provide. The Uke is experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity; always a favorite, its low cost in a difficult economy is an additional incentive for music lovers. The Ukulele Club is open to teens and adults; students under high school age are welcome to attend with a parent. 

Topics of interest will be basic techniques for beginners, as well as songs and more advanced playing techniques for current players. All are welcome!  A goal of the club is to promote the ukulele as a common bond for everyone. Mike will facilitate the Club's meetings and will help everyone have fun while learning.

As the Club is designed to promote the ukulele, other instruments are respectfully disallowed. Though Hawaiian music is great, it won't be a primary focus; any songs in any style are welcome. Club members will work to improve their playing via work at club meetings and by preparing for performance opportunities (more on that later).

The Ukulele Club will build on some of the Studio 99's existing ideas, (jams, moderation, etc.) but will also bring new a new aspect to the idea of a musical gathering (i.e., a focus on a specific instrument, rather than stylistic music focus.)

Players are encouraged to bring chord charts/sheet music copies to share with others.


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Mike Loce began working at Parker Guitars in a technical position in 2000.  He then appeared with musical troupes such as Boston Rock Opera.  For four years he supported and helped develop a small online company called Personal Guitar School, later to become Sam Ash Music Institute.

Throughout these years, Mike recorded a variety of compositions with many talented performers and musicians. He stays busy teaching guitar, ukulele and ensembles in the Merrimack Valley, organizing original bands, composing music, playing gigs, and doing recording sessions of all styles …

Mike thanks the students, friends, and colleagues he has met on his musical journey thus far, and is grateful for both the time and energy expended in the name of making music and guitar/ukulele more of a reality to many people.


The Nashua-area uke trend is part of a much larger worldwide movement back towards the uke.  Check out this film trailer!