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photo courtesy of Robin Ann Peters Piano Karaoke

with Elise MacDonald


Thursdays @ 8 pm

(starting 2/2/12)

Cover: $5

Cover with BYOB: $8

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Love karaoke or group sing-a-longs?  Pop, folk, Broadway tunes? Then try live piano karaoke! 

 "Great place to go to try out your singing chops. This is NOT karaoke as you may know it, but a real live piano player accompanying you with whatever songs you want to bring to the table. Pop, Rock, Broadway, great American songbook, jazz ---Give it a try."    

- a first-time Piano Karaoke singer, reflecting on his first visit                                               

Bring along lyric sheets or sheet music of your favorite classic, well-known songs and we'll play them in your best key.  Or, using an iPad and WiFi connection, we'll pull down lyrics from the internet, right on the spot, so they're right in front of you.

We have a microphone set up.  You can sing with the mic, or without.  You can sing solo, do a duet with a friend, or lead the crowd in a sing-along of a well-known tune --- your call. 

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Here's some pictures from our first go-round on November 5, 2009:



...and more from November 22, in the gallery.

Here are some examples of piano karaoke from a recent Save the Music fundraiser we had at the Studio (we were lucky enough to have Bryan Thomas join us on drums that evening):

Chris sings Tiny Dancer by Elton John:

Bill sings the classic oldies tune Tiptoe Through the Tulips:

Finally, Angela and Rony sing Abba's Dancing Queen:

All of these tunes (and many more!) were performed on the spot, with no rehearsal between the singer and the pianist, and no sheet music.  It's edgy, it's in-the-moment, it's fun!!!  Watch other videos from our Piano Karaoke YouTube playlist here. 

If you've got questions about a tune you'd like to choose, please call Elise at 603-562-5179 or email her at studio99nashua@gmail.com.  But feel free to just surprise us --- as long as it's a well-known tune, chances are it'll be a great choice!  We also have a lot of sheet music songbooks you can review; even if we don't know a song well, we can read it from the sheet music.

Coffee, tea, chilled soft drinks and waters, snacks and chocolates are available for purchase.


Elise's grandmother, Laura, was a pianist in the silent movie houses of New York City in the 1920s during her early 20s. While Laura never had the opportunity to learn to read music, she was an extremely accomplished, self-taught pianist nonetheless --- playing complicated on-the-spot arrangements of popular tunes of the day as well as 100% improvised incidental music while accompanying silent films.

 Laura was Elise's first (and perhaps most important) music teacher and the two constantly played piano-four-hands, always by ear, from the time Elise was 4 or 5 years old.  

Thanks, Nanna...