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Pictures from April's Open Mic (4/11/09) are in...

The April Open Mic, held April 11, featured Cambridge-based singer/songwriter Teresa Storch.  Teresa (pictured), the other eight music and spoken word acts, and the audience were all absolutely top-drawer!  Thanks for making it a memorable evening, everyone.

More pictures in The Gallery.


All photos courtesy Ceaser Photography, Nashua, NH


May's Open Mic will feature Boston-based busker Steven Bacon

Second Saturday Open Mic

featuring Steven Bacon

Saturday, May 9 @ 8 pm

performer signup at 7:45 pm

admission:  FREE (we'll pass the hat for the Featured Artist)

important!  map/directions

Steven Bacon is an award-winning Alaskan singer/songwriter who writes and performs original acoustic indie folk music. 

Described as "a deep, clear, cool pool of songwriting talent; quiet grooves, soothing vocals, lyrics from out of the heartland", Steven has studied the craft of songwriting under well-known songwriter Peter Mulvey, two-time Grammy nominee Peter Case, and Memphis-based songwriter Keith Sykes (longtime co-writer with John Prine).

2008 was a great year for Steven. Having relocated to Boston in the fall of 2007, Steven began performing in the subway and on the streets to supplement his income in between gigs. 

On September 19th, 2008, Steven was playing on the streets of Boston when Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova happened to be walking by. Glen and Marketa are Grammy winning songwriters and Oscar winning actors from a film they starred in about an Irish Street performer called Once. Later that night, during their sold out concert at Boston's Agannis Arena, they invited Steven on stage to perform so that the crowd could hear a real "busker". Steven's performance brought the crowd to their feet for a standing ovation. 

not one of The Bacon Bros. Band...but he's performed with them!This event came just one week after Steven won first place in the showcase finals of Tom Bianchi's Cambridge, MA Lizard Lounge Performing Songwriters contest which had been in progress for the previous six months, among approximately 400 Boston-based and touring acts.  

Since the concert with Glen Hansard, Steven's career has really skyrocketed; he's found himself opening for and performing with the Bacon Brothers (Michael and his actor brother Kevin Bacon's band), working with a well known Boston based manager, contacted by MTV to submit his music for TV show placement, featured in the Boston Globe (see the press page), personally invited by Ellis Paul to spend an afternoon together  to trade songs, asked to come out to Hollywood by a TV producer to record and shop around his songs, offered pro bono representation by one of the largest P.R. firms in New York City, and received a great review of a recent concert of him playing with the Bacon Brothers (see press page).

MP3s of Steven's songs are available for listening and download at his site.


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Acclaimed Gypsy jazz trio Ameranouche, Saturday May 23rd @ 8


Saturday, May 23

8:00 pm

Tickets at the door:  $12

map and directions


Coming to Studio 99 from their home base in NH's Seacoast and amidst their national touring schedule, the Ameranouche Trio features guitarists Richard Sheppard and Ryan Flaherty and upright bassist Xar Adelberg.

Voted Best of NH 2008 by the readers of NH Magazine...

This nationally acclaimed Gypsy Jazz ensemble plays acoustic music including both original compositions and unique arrangements by American and Gypsy songwriters. The music is universal and reaches diverse audiences worldwide.

Richard Sheppard plays lead guitar for Ameranouche: "His fingers dart across the strings faster than hummingbirds' wings," proclaims Jon Nolan of The Wire, a NH Seacoast Entertainment Magazine. "Sheppard is an aggressor on the guitar, really taking it to its limits. Many of the tunes showcase his ability to make that guitar talk. He forcibly makes the strings resonate, and then he dances across the entirety of the fret board in order to get Ameranouche's gypsy jazz sound," writes Christopher Hislop of the Portsmouth Herald.

Together, this rip-roaring ensemble is an uncanny force of hot acoustic jazz, sometimes referred to as Gypsy jazz or hot swing with a world edge.  From the band's website:

A·mer·a·nouche (ə-měrʹə-noosh) n. 1. An acoustic power trio with a Gypsy jazz edge comprised of two acoustic guitars and an upright bass. 2. American Gypsy jazz trio. 3. Of or relating to an American jazz ensemble. AKA the Nouche. The name is derived from two words; American and Manouche, the latter word actually meaning Gypsy, also referring to a specific tribe of Gypsies from which the great guitarist Django Reinhardt originated and the style of music often categorized as Gypsy Jazz.  Though Ameranouche is a modern, original group, its members acknowledge Django as an essential inspiration and spirit behind the groups ethos, and could never deny his influence, nor the encouragement and guidance of the Gypsy, Flamenco and Jazz community worldwide. So in a way, it is a way to say thank you and pay homage to all our influences. Thus you have the name, Ameranouche!

Ameranouche performances are patterned with virtuosity, eclecticity and inspiring energy. Audiences are taken aback by Sheppard's brillant guitar work and the group's ceaseless musicianship.

"The most important element of this music is the happiness, joy, and feeling of connectivity"

- Lowell Sun, Lowell, MA



Granite Sounds blog: profile of April's Open Mic featured artist, Teresa Storch

Jen O'Callaghan, author of the Granite Sounds blog (affiliated with Encore/Buzz.com) has written a profile of Teresa Storch, our featured artist for April's Second Saturday Open Mic on 4/11/09.


On Saturday, April 11, starting at 8 p.m., Studio 99 in the Picker Building (down in Nashua's Millyard), will host an open-mike event. Admission is free, but there will be a hat passed around to collect donations. How many events do you know of that you get to decide the price of admission? Not many, I would bet.

Saturday's feature will be Teresa Storch, a Boston-based singer-songwriter who originally hails from Nebraska. She has been in the Hub since 1999, drawn by the thriving folk music scene of which we in New Hampshire are so often the beneficiaries of great performances. In 2003, she was among the singers selected for Boston's Best Singer/Songwriter Showcase. 

Her songs have drawn comparisons to Natalie Merchant and Suzanne Vega, but I think my favorites are the songs that she injects with a bluesy, heavy-lidded tone, such as the title track on her debut album, "Muscle Memory," and the sweetly sad "Mr. Moon" off her latest, "Streams of Concrete."

Storch is a promising singer and you can catch her on the ground floor and say you knew her music when. An added bonus is Studio 99's funky atmosphere and gracious host, Elise MacDonald.